Aim for the Best with One of my Classes

by Dale on May 29, 2013

Last week and weekend, our school had two full classes – back to back. We had a great group of like-minded students making it a fun and enjoyable class. The plan was to complete the Thorsen Table in five days, then put the stain, and finish on the tables in the Fearless Finishing class.

Well, it was an ambitious goal, and when top quality is top priority, it just did not happen. We were not willing to compromise the quality of the finishing class to reach the goal of total completion.A fun and enjoyable class

Once this became apparent to students and instructor the decision not to rush the finish on the tables in order to attain the original goal was easy.

This type of decision comes up in a professional woodworking shop all the time.

Sometimes the time factor must take a back seat to the quality of the furniture. When you consider the fact that a piece of fine furniture will last well over 100 years, then an initial delay of a few days is insignificant.

Most clients understand this concept and will say that they would rather have the furniture as good as possible rather than to rush the job to meet a deadline. That takes the stress off the artist and frees him or her up to concentrate totally on the task. This changes the question from “how good is good enough?” to “is this as good as possible?”

This is the real reason we build furniture in the first place.Go home with new friends and furniture

The mass produced furniture made in most modern factories hears the statement, “That’s good enough; we have to get this done and out the door to make a profit.”

However, our furniture workshop classes hears the statement, “Wow, that’s perfect, you did an excellent job!” or “This needs a bit more work here, you can do it.”

Aim for your best!”

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Juliet Haislip May 30, 2013 at 11:34 pm

Dear Dale,

I love the pictures and the piece of furniture Ken made and didn’t finish!! It is a beautiful table and holds a place of prominence in our home. I do look forward to when Ken chooses how he will finish the table, but it is fantastic as it stands. Thank you for enhancing the experience of my husband and his brother who both love to work with wood.



Dale Barnard June 12, 2013 at 9:47 pm

Hi Julie, It was a joy teaching the Haislip Brothers, and I am glad you like the table. Thanks for your comment, We will have to build something again next year! Please send photos when it is finished. Thanks again, Dale


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