Clamps! Clamps everywhere, help!

by Dale on February 11, 2013

An old adage that states,
“A woodworker can never have enough clamps.”MB_clamps

I thought that was true, until a few years ago I realize that I haven’t wished for more clamps in a long time, even years.

I think I finally have enough. I have them all: C-clamps, F-clamps, pipe clamps, spring clamps, wooden clamps and every other clamp. I have lots of each and all sizes.

You name it and I can clamp it.

I was wondering just how many clamps do I have? Well, I recently decided to count them. Well, I quit counting at 250. So I can accurately say I have over 250 clamps.

All those clamps in a two man shop. That sometimes has hour people working on similarMB_clamps1 projects. We make everything from kitchen cabinets, to grandfather clocks, chairs, and all types of furniture.

How did I acquire so many clamps? Well, anytime I found a clamp at a yard sale or flea market or antique mall that was priced at least 50% below retail then I would purchase it.

Also specific projects sometimes require specific clamps and I paid retail in those instances.

I like pipe clamps because they are not too expensive and you can make them as long as you would ever need.

My longest ones are 10 feet long. If I ever need longer clasps I can just get out a pipe union and connect another pipe. MB_clamps2

They give plenty of pressure and are excellent clamps; you can usually get 3 or 4 of them for the cost of one bar clamp.

Recently I found myself thinking, I wish I had another router, and I now have a new adage.

“A woodworker can never have enough routers.” How many do I have? Just counted 14 of all sizes …
better save that for another blog!

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