Storage Problems and Solutions

by Dale on January 27, 2013

Storage Problems and Solutions

Forstner bits, drill bits, brad point bits, huge bits, plug cutters, screw driver bits (slot, Phillips, Robertson, torx etc) countersinks, taper bits, combination bits, and so many tiny bits, etc. etc. They are used in drills, drill presses, cordless drills and on and on.  Every craftsman must have them.

Recently I realized that every time I need a specific drill, plug cutter, Forstner etc. I have to open a drawer, remove a small box, look for the correct size and then use the bit and then reverse the process. There had to be a better, simpler and faster way to access the tool needed.

So I designed a multi-bit organizer station. The center is located near my drill press and drill storage area.

MB_long storage

Simple, fast and complete

See photos: Simple, fast and complete!

I’ve always found that the simplest solutions are the best.

If you make one of these you will have to fix a way on the bottom so the drills don’t fall through. Don’t try to drill the holes to exact sizes, they will get stuck. Drill them a bit oversized.

Now when I need a bit, I can get it quickly. The bits on the stair-stepped station aren’t all labeled on mine.¬† I sometimes measure the bit to be sure.

Of course, you could label them.

That’s up to you to customize the system to meet your own needs.

With my work schedule I haven’t as much time to work on the shop area as I would like.sorage two done_

Let me know if you like this idea well enough to do it.

Send me a photo of your solution to the problem.

Thanks in advance.

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