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Aim for the Best with One of my Classes

by Dale on May 29, 2013

Last week and weekend, our school had two full classes – back to back. We had a great group of like-minded students making it a fun and enjoyable class. The plan was to complete the Thorsen Table in five days, then put the stain, and finish on the tables in the Fearless Finishing class. Well, […]


Trimming Tenons to Fit Mortises

by Dale on May 13, 2013

The Easy and Inexpensive Way Making tenons on a table saw with a dado blade and sled is the way I make them fix exact. However, occasionally they end up a bit too tight. Recently I read an article that said you have to have a shoulder plane for this task. A shoulder plane costs […]


There are certain tasks that every woodworker will have to perform on a regular basis. I have decided to address these specific chores in different blogs. This one deals with making narrow boards wider as in making wide table tops, door panels, or for other reasons. It is a chore that is done so often […]


Proper Measuring Methods

by Dale on March 24, 2013

Recently I saw a plan for a sideboard that described the measurement of the boards in a different way than I use. Following through the plan I had to change each measurement because of my training in describing a board.  The correct method, called “dimensional” is thickness x width x length. This isn’t just used […]

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Any Arts & Crafts fan is well aware of the need for the quadrilinear leg. The beauty of quartersawn oak grain is such an important feature of the design that it can be the most important element. Due to the nature of the material any board that has quartersawn grain on the face will have […]


New Article features Dale Barnard

Bob Lang with Dale Barnard

by Dale on November 10, 2012

Learn more about Dale, his teaching style, shop and why he’s in with the seven other “woodworking heroes”. The November issue of  Popular Woodworking magazine is a Special Issue which features “Talking Shop with 8 Top Makers” and marks the 200th issue of the magazine. For that occasion they changed the format to feature eight profiles […]