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Hand Tools vs Power Tools and Other Things

by Dale on February 20, 2014

Hand Tools vs Power Tools and Other Things Maybe I’m old-fashioned or new-fashioned, I’m not sure, but I really don’t like to use an old (or new for that matter) outhouse to do my ‘business’ in. The comfortable, clean, odorless bathroom is my preference, even one at the gas station. We knew a young couple […]


Glues – Part 3: Super Glue

by Dale on December 17, 2013

Super glue, instant glue, cyanoacrylates of various brand names is one of the relative new comers on the woodworking scene. I believe it was originally developed for surgeons to use to glue skin cuts back together instead of using sutures. If you have ever used it, you can attest to its skin bonding ability. If […]


Stickley Sideboard Class

by Dale on August 11, 2013

If you have been wanting to build the sideboard this year, now is the time to do it. The sideboard is very similar to the modern factory made one by the L. & J.G., Stickley Co. only better… Their construction method has the gallery on the back as an add-on piece – attached to the […]


Glues – Part 2: Hide Glue

by Dale on August 7, 2013

Hide glue, old brown glue, liquid hide glue, etc., these names are for the glue that used to be used exclusively for furniture, bookbinding, musical instruments, and it still is. Hot hide glue is made out of old horse hides, cow hides, and hooves. These are the parts of animals not edible. The hot hide […]


In a previous blog I explained why you need a dozen or so bowed clamping cauls. Here I am going to give easy instruction for how to make them: You will need some scrap 2 x 2 or 1 ½ x 2 or even ¾ x 2 and about 4’ long.  The 4’ width works […]


Proper Measuring Methods

by Dale on March 24, 2013

Recently I saw a plan for a sideboard that described the measurement of the boards in a different way than I use. Following through the plan I had to change each measurement because of my training in describing a board.  The correct method, called “dimensional” is thickness x width x length. This isn’t just used […]

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New Article features Dale Barnard

Bob Lang with Dale Barnard

by Dale on November 10, 2012

Learn more about Dale, his teaching style, shop and why he’s in with the seven other “woodworking heroes”. The November issue of  Popular Woodworking magazine is a Special Issue which features “Talking Shop with 8 Top Makers” and marks the 200th issue of the magazine. For that occasion they changed the format to feature eight profiles […]