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Another Great Rocker – Grove Park Inn

by Dale on March 25, 2015

A favorite pastime of mine for rest and relaxation is rocking in a comfortable rocking chair. It is the perfect compliment to such calming activities as watching your favorite movie, rocking a child to sleep and, of course, just thinking. I am offering a rocking chair class which will allow you to create and treasure […]


You Can Build the Ultimate Rocking Chair

by Dale on February 28, 2015

If you like rocking chairs, please make plans to attend our sculpted rocker class. You will want to schedule this soon to make sure you have the time and decide on materials. I am not taking credit for designing this chair! Most woodworkers have heard of Sam Maloof, and admired his organic designs, especially his […]


Why I Use Drywall Screws

by Dale on August 19, 2014

  Why I Use Drywall Screws I recently read an article about screws, which was very extensive and well written. The article explained why certain screws are stronger, and described how screws are manufactured. Then they did some testing, which is when things got a bit “screwy” in my mind. As part of the test, […]


When do I finish a project prior to assembly? Never, and here is why. For me, it’s simple to glue first. Then I move on to finish, sand and then complete the piece – instead of multi-focusing on many individual parts and pieces. Especially since I usually spray lacquer on everything. Trying to spray each […]


Hand Tools vs Power Tools and Other Things

by Dale on February 20, 2014

Hand Tools vs Power Tools and Other Things Maybe I’m old-fashioned or new-fashioned, I’m not sure, but I really don’t like to use an old (or new for that matter) outhouse to do my ‘business’ in. The comfortable, clean, odorless bathroom is my preference, even one at the gas station. We knew a young couple […]


Glues – Part 4: Plastic Resin Glue

by Dale on January 25, 2014

In my career I’ve used veneer glue on one or two projects. It is a glue that dries hard, not flexible, and it’s used commercially for making plywood. So it is a very good glue for veneering.  This glue is also used by small shops who do their own veneering on a small basis. Interestingly, […]


You Can Teach an Old Dog a New Trick!

by Dale on October 7, 2013

There’s Always Something New! Well, I just learned something. I have been gluing up wide boards out of narrow boards for more years than I would like to admit. Up until about 5 years ago I used pipe clamps, made with black pipe. I always used some type of spacer to keep the pipe from […]


Stickley Sideboard Class

by Dale on August 11, 2013

If you have been wanting to build the sideboard this year, now is the time to do it. The sideboard is very similar to the modern factory made one by the L. & J.G., Stickley Co. only better… Their construction method has the gallery on the back as an add-on piece – attached to the […]


Glues – Part 2: Hide Glue

by Dale on August 7, 2013

Hide glue, old brown glue, liquid hide glue, etc., these names are for the glue that used to be used exclusively for furniture, bookbinding, musical instruments, and it still is. Hot hide glue is made out of old horse hides, cow hides, and hooves. These are the parts of animals not edible. The hot hide […]


This is way cool and I invite you to check this out! A recent student chronicled his 9 days at one of our Master Woodworking Classes. Click here to read this student’s experience: Josh’s diary was part of a Lilly’s Endowment Grant for the “Teacher Creativity Fellowship Program”. Please read about his adventure, “Interconnected Community: […]

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