Truly Custom Woodworking Simplified

by Dale on March 6, 2013

As many of you know I did not start my woodworking career where I am today as a master furniture maker. I started out at eleven years old at the bottom of the craftsman-in-training ladder in a closet MB_long cabbookcase pngnailing down the floor for my father’s company. Many years later at the beginning of my business, making custom wood furniture and kitchen cabinets brought with it many questions from clients.

The questions came after a perspective client had viewed my work at a friend’s home or in a public place where I had built custom woodworking. It goes something like this, “Can you build that in cherry?”

The answer would be, yes, and then the next questions would come involving various aspects with which they were interested. Could I build it not quite so tall or wider? Could I build something like it but different?

The fact is I can build anything you need, want or desire MB_closckfrom any wood from which we can find a supplier.

The measurements come from your needs, as well as everything else involved in the design.

Truly custom woodworking is making what the client wants and the goal is to please the client.

Sometimes the client knows what they want, but can’t quite get it out of their mind onto paper.

But this is remedied by listening to those bits of information in their explanation that allows me to ‘see’ it as they do. I have been blessed with the ability to draw or sketch and can bring their mental picture to the paper for both of us to see and agree that we are heading in the right direction.MB_desk

Once we know we are talking about the same idea then we can begin the true design work. Once we are in agreement with the project bringing it to reality is only a matter of time.

The once beautiful idea is now a piece of furniture, shelving, kitchen or other woodworking project in their homes providing comfort or functioning to their benefit enhancing their life.

This is the joy of my career and I hope the pleasure of my clients.

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