NEW! Instructional DVD- Build a Tsuba Coffee Table with Dale Barnard


The “coffee table” didn’t exist when Charles and Henry Greene were designing, but craftsman Dale Barnard saw the need and went to the Gamble House’s Tsuba-shaped dining table for inspiration. What’s a Tsuba? the hilt guard from a Japanese Samurai sword; the same influenced Charles Greene so much that he used it in many furniture designs and Dale adopted it here. While building this beautiful Mahogany table, you’ll learn:

  • How to create and assemble double tenons
  • The secret to through-tenons that fit perfectly
  • How to create the necessary jigs to pattern-rout the shapely top
  • Router techniques to cut the mortises for ebony bars, and more!

This stunning table will not only become a treasured centerpiece in your home, the skills you learn will improveĀ all your future projects!