Class Schedule by Month

The Cabinetmaker, Inc offers a full range of woodworking classes through Barnard Woodworking School that result in a beautiful piece of Greene and Greene-, Mission- or Shaker-style furniture and cabinets (to name a few). We also offer special private classes for the project of your choice. 

Whether you are new to woodworking or looking to hone your skills, Dale Barnard works one on one with each student, in a small class setting, to provide the guidance you need. Listed are our classes held at Barnard Woodworking School. 

We are located in beautiful Southern Indiana, in the Hoosier National Forest area. We are 45 miles northwest of Louisville, KY and 60 miles south of Bloomington, IN. 1714 E Owl Hollow Rd., Paoli, 47454. Learn from one of the most accomplished woodworkers of our time. Remember classes are limited to four students so you will receive the attention you need.

If you choose to stay at The Guest House accommodations, address is 504 E Thornton St., Paoli, IN 47454 for your GPS

Dale also teaches online classes at and on DVD available for purchase through our store tab or The Great Courses.

We offer 4 student only classes. To register for a class with Dale send your non-refundable $350 registration fee to The Cabinetmaker, Inc. 1714 E Owl Hollow Rd, Paoli, IN 47454. Write on the check memo area the class name and date (example: Jigs Class March 20-22). Send with it Name of student, email, and phone number. When the fee is received it will hold your position in the class. Once we receive your registration fee you will be sent an email so please print clearly. Cancellation information:  



2020 Calendar Class Instructor Fee Materials Fee
  2020 Schedule    
October 1-3, Th-Sat Jigs & Pattern for Sculpted Rocker $500.00 $325.00T
Oct 5-6, Mon-Tue Fearless Finishing $375.00 $100.00T
Oct 11-17, Sun-Sat Maloof Low Back Sculpted Chair $1400.00 $WoodChoiceT
October 26-30, Mon-Fri Greene & Greene Wall Cabinet $900.00 $400.00T
Oct 31-Nov 1, Wed-Fri Stained Glass in G&G $375.00 $125.00T
November 9-13, Mon-Fri Grove Park Inn Rocker $850.00 $325.00T
November 16-20, Mon-Fri Maloof/Taylor Rocker Part 1 $900.00 $WoodChoice+T
Nov 30-Dec 4, Mon-Fri Maloof/Taylor Rocker Part 2 $900.00 $WoodChoice+T
December 8-12, Tue-Sat Arts&Crafts Dining Chair & Jigs $850.00 $325.00T
2021 Calendar Class Instructor Fee Materials Fee
  2021 Schedule    
January – March
No Classes Trade Shows

Mar 30-Apr 1,

Stacked Lamination Techniques $375.00 $100.00T
April 3-4, Sat-Sun Fearless Finishing $375.00 $100.00T
April 11-18, Sun-Sun Split-top Roubo Workbench $1,400.00 $1,350T
Apr 26-May 1, Mon-Sat Blanket Chest $900.00 $415.00T
May 10-14, Mon-Sat Nakashima Inspired (Conoid) Chair $850.00 $350.00T
May 15, Sat Nakashima-Jig Class $175.00 $85.00T
May 24-26, Mon-Wed Wall Sconce W/Stained Glass Couples $900.00 $175.00T
May 27-29, Th-Sat Wall Sconce W/Stained Glass Couples $900.00 $175.00T
June 7-12, Mon-Sat Bow Arm Morris Chair $1000.00 $400.00T
June 15/16, Tues/Wed Craftsman Joinery Class  $375.00 $100.00T
June 19, Sat Basic Sharpening Workshop       
June 21-25, Mon-Fri Furniture Making Basics $850.00 $125.00T
June 26/27, Sat/Sun Fearless Finishing $375.00 $100.00T
June 29- July 2, Tues-Fri Jigs & Pattern for Sculpted Rocker $175.00 $85.00T
July 12-16, Mon-Fri Maloof/Taylor Rocker Part 1  $900.00 $WoodChoice+T
July 26-30, Mon-Fri Greene & Greene Wall Cabinet $900.00 $400.00T
Jul 31-Aug 1, Sat-Sun Stained Glass in G&G $375.00 $125.00T
Aug 9-13, Mon-Fri Maloof/Taylor Rocker Part 2 $900.00 $WoodChoice+T
Aug 17-21, Tues-Sat Arts&Crafts Dining Chair & Jigs $850.00 $325.00T
Aug 30-Sep 3, Mon-Fri 3 Drawer End Table $1000.00 $400.00T
Sep 27 – Oct 1, Mon-Fri Kitchen Cabinet Fundamentals $850.00 $TBD
Oct 10-17, Sun-Sun Maloof Low Back Sculpted Chair $1400.00 $WoodChoiceT
Oct 25 – 30, Mon-Sat Advanced Kitchen Cabinetry $1000.00 $TBD
Nov 8-12, Mon-Fri Small Maloof Dining Table $875.00 $360.00T