Registration and Refund Policy

Class Registration can be paid for by check or money order. 

We offer “4 students only” classes. To take a class at our shop with Dale view the class descriptions, choose your class or classes. Once you decide, email with the information.  Then you would like to be added to the class. You will receive the following instruction: To register for a class with Dale send your $350 non-refundable registration fee to … 

The Cabinetmaker, Inc.
1714 E Owl Hollow Rd
Paoli, IN 47454

Make the check to The Cabinetmaker, Inc. Print on the check memo area the class you are registering for and date of the class (example: Jigs Class March 20-22). Send with it Name of student, student Email, and Phone number. Once your registration fee and information are received you will be sent an email of confirmation and further instructions so please print legibly. This will hold your position in the class.

If you want to pay with CC etc. we will email you an invoice which will have instructions for how to pay with those methods.

  1. Deposit for all class registration is $350 per class per student.
  2. Full payment for instructor’s fee & shop space is due 30 days prior to class date. Call Dale to make any changes. 812-723-3461
  3. Full payment for materials & supplies is due upon completion of the class and will have a 7% Indiana Sales tax to TTL, which is the law.
  4. Full payment for lodging at our Guest House, 504 E Thornton St, Paoli, IN 47454 is due on last class day. Guest House rate is subject to a 7% Indiana Sales tax & a 4% Inn Keeper’s Indiana County Tax. We must pay these taxes to the state of Indiana.

In the unusual situation that the school would have to cancel a class, the instructor’s fee and material’s fee payments we have received will be fully refunded.

The Cabinetmaker, Inc
Phone (812) 723-3461
Office 1714 E. Owl Hollow Rd., Paoli, IN 47454

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Email The Cabinetmaker or call (812) 723-3461

with any questions you have to make your Arts and Crafts furniture dream a reality.

The Cabinetmaker
phone (812) 723-3461
office 1714 E. Owl Hollow Road
Paoli, IN 47454