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Dale Barnard shares his lifetime of woodworking experience with you.

Register today for one of Dale’s classes and learn from one of the most accomplished woodworkers of our time. All classes are limited to four students.

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Furniture Making Basics 3

Starting Your Path to Craftsmanship

This 5-day class is great for anyone, especially if you are self-taught. It will fill in the missing pieces of the woodworking puzzle and help you to understand wood.  A few of the techniques you will learn in this class are; the technology of how to make a flat board, square and true, panel door and drawer construction, and using the tools to accomplish the tasks. You will also learn how wood moves and why it does, which are essential to furniture building.  I will also be teaching how design is affected by wood movement.

Pictured woodworking student Hermann Nann, Dale Barnard with finished projects from this class.


This is a primer class for beginners. You go home with experience, confidence and knowledge to take on other projects, plus a really cool end table. 5 days

You will learn

Some of the lessons taught in this class:
  • Solid wood top
  • Panelized sides (frame and panel construction)
  • Adjustable shelf
  • Learn to hang and fit the door and
  • How to make the drawers
  • Machine cut dovetails
  • Mortise and tenon joinery


Poplar, Cherry, Spalted Maple - a variety of different woods




  • November 14-18, 2016


  • Instructor Fee: 800.00
  • Materials Fee: 95.00T