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by Dale on March 25, 2015

A favorite pastime of mine for rest and relaxation is rocking in a comfortable rocking chair. It is the perfect compliment to such calming activities as watching your favorite movie, rocking a child to sleep and, of course, just thinking.

I am offering a rocking chair class which will allow you to create and treasure a priceless heirloom which can live on through the generations. The class also teaches many techniques which will add to your current skills and abilities.

The Grove Park Inn Rocker, of Mission style, is a durable and beautiful classic. It’s simple, elegant style is not as easy to construct as it may appear. But I’ve had complete novice students enjoy completing this rocker. I encourage woodworkers to take the class to further their knowledge of such techniques as compound angled mortise joinery.

Several years ago, my wife, Mary and I were at the Arts & Crafts Conference hosted at the Grove Park Inn. These rockers were in the lobby area, on the veranda and other places throughout the fabulous hotel. We were showing our furniture in the Roosevelt Room, standing all day so when we sat in the rockers to chat, at the end of the day it was heavenly. I decided I would build one for our home. So many visitors complimented our rocker that I added it as a class.

The Grove Park Inn Rocker also offers many other learning attributes to increase your woodworking skill set. You will learn the crest rail, and this skill leads into the bandsaw curved back, which will increase your adroitness in utilizing the bandsaw. Another technique is pattern routing to ensure each piece is correctly sized and shaped, a skill which is used all the time in woodworking and fine furniture making.

After finishing your rocker, we have hand woven seats available for purchase styled in replicate of the Grove Park Inn Rocker.

If you’re a prior student of this class, share your experiences in comments or photos with me at so we can post them here.

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Gibson Sims January 27, 2016 at 1:30 pm

Where are your classes offered on the Grove Park rocker?


Dale March 5, 2016 at 6:44 pm

Hello, you can find information about the Grove Park Rocker and all other class on this site under class schedule in the drop down menu under Woodworking School.
My location is Southern Indiana near Louisville, KY the address is at the bottom of every page of this website
thanks for the inquiry.


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